Info & Rates

Price for night for room (breakfast included)

  Min Max
Double for single use € 50,00 € 70,00
Double € 65,00 € 85,00
Triple € 80,00 € 95,00


  Min Max
Half board per person
(breakfast included)
€ 50,00 € 65,00
Tourist Menu € 20,00  



Structures: open swimming pool, area plays equipped, draught with the arc, bicycles

I handle to 3,5 kilometers

Airfield "L. Leonardi" to 5,5 kilometers (sport flying, parachuting, flying school)

Rafting, canoe, come down river to 7 kilometers (near the Fall of the Marmores)

Freeclimbing to 8 kilometers (near the area equipped of Ferentillo)

Activity: gastronomic evenings, excursions and driven visits for group, sale of business products, production and sale of oil of virgin extra olive of quality